We help
companies Grow, Innovate, Build, Start

We help
Grow, Innovate, Build, Start

LaunchByte is a unique startup hub with a focus on product design, development, and marketing. We help seed-stage, growth-stage, and corporate clients succeed.

Meet Launchbyte

LaunchByte was built around three founding pillars: 1) help the early-stage founder get funded, MVP’d, and launched, 2) help the post-A-raise executive further develop their core product, realize true scale, and stay on track with their development timelines, and 3) help the enterprise rethink and reimagine their approach to innovation and help them re-infuse startup DNA back into their product roadmaps and into their core teams.

LaunchByte exists to allow founders to focus on what they do best by connecting them with our team of experienced startup veterans who know how to get the job done, whatever the job might be. Our mission is to develop the best tech products possible across key focus areas to give startups their greatest chance at success.









Our Services

Kinetic Labs

For seed and growth-stage companies, we offer access to our state-of-the-art incubator space, Kinetic Labs. Kinetic Labs is a full-suite, turn-key service for entrepreneurs in need of platform development, marketing services, legal help, business development & strategy, as well as a physical location in downtown Boston. Our in-house dev teams, engineers, and seasoned team of serial startup veterans makes Kinetic Labs a unique, open, and collaborative environment for entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their businesses.

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Corporate Inno Hub

We leverage our startup chops and startup street-cred and invite your team in to come and work among our startup founders and engineers/devs at our cool startup digs. Your key team members work in this fast-paced and highly innovative environment to rethink their approach to innovation, then come back to corporate re-energized and ready to re-infuse that DNA back into their core teams and your product roadmap.

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Devs on Demand

Hiring a new team member isn't always the most effective option. Devs on Demand delivers high quality developers seamlessly integrated into your engineer stack. Companies like Flyp, Rezzit, and Colgate leverage LaunchByte's network of top-tier developers for their mission critical projects.

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Reverse Angel

LaunchByte understands that the key to startup success is preserving cash. The reverse angel model affords the budding entrepreneur minimum outlay of cash, while being funded for the full development of their product, in strict accordance with the LaunchByte standard of excellence. We take a safe note as equity and the startup becomes a portfolio company that we nurture and back as institutional investors.

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LaunchByte invests services and capital into startups at all stages and involved in all industries.