The most technologically advanced
incubator and unique, non-traditional
Angel firm in the heart of Boston.
We are an innovative SaaS based start-up hub that provides services to start-ups and early stage companies; one part startup incubator, one part micro-fund.

Service to start-ups
and early stage companies

IT platform development,
marketing & business solutions

Assistance with fundraising

LaunchByte invests in
startups using our resources.

Our incubees are guided
every step of the way.


Assistance with fundraising


board of advisors collective net worth


Evergrowing personal network


Platform Development
Whether you are developing your first prototype, building a mobile version of your web platform, or penetrating the complicated world of augmented reality, we've got your back. 9 experienced developers are at your disposal to turn your idea into a reality.
UI / UX Design
Design is arguably the most important part of any product or service. From sketches on the back of napkins to a full color working model, our designers will help you transform your vision into something tangible.
What good is a product or service if the right people don’t know about it? Our incubees are guided from day-one on the optimal and most creative user acquisition strategies for their company, all powered by a team of experts that have been working in the industry for the big names for years.
PR / Media
All great things must be shared. With press contacts and partnerships ranging from tech blogs to print publications, get the press coverage your startup deserves.
Data Rooms
No startup can raise any money without providing potential investors with a full financial model. Our financial gurus will help you budget and map out cash flows for years to come.
From company incorporation to fundraising legalities, we ensure our incubees work with the best attorneys regarding legal matters. We have you covered, so you can keep innovating.


LaunchByte is dedicated to producing thought-leading, data-centric product & solutions for our partners. The entrepreneurial spirt behind LaunchByte acts as a driving force for all the work done here. We believe that fearless ideas are at the core of successful businesses. Deriving actionable insights from those ideas makes all the difference. The combination of sharp execution & vision gives way to fully integrated, highly engaging product. Execution and performance are challenged by innovation.
Vadim Kudriavtcev
Chief Technical Officer
As the CTO, Vadim Kudriavtcev brings 12+ years of programming
knowledge to the LaunchByte team. Having led over 30 projects with the LaunchByte development team, he has a strong understanding of the startup atmosphere and what it takes for a platform, be it web or mobile, to take off in this highly competitive industry. With a strong focus in VR / AI, Vadim is a key part in the plunge into the higher tech industries. Vadim currently manages a team of 6 full-stack mobile and web developers at LaunchByte.
Jim Zamer
Chief Revenue Officer
Jim is a true startup guy and brings that intimate knowledge and expertise to LaunchByte. With several successful ventures under his belt, resulting in a few exits, his love of startup life is the driving force behind his desire to help fledgling companies make their way in the world.
Ground Zero

This is for founders with great ideas, imminent fundraise plans, and no way to get started. Everything from incorporation, creation of business plan & pitch deck, and a full financial model, to acquiring the first generation of users on a test product is included before we confidently push the startup off onto its own.

One time $99 proposal submission
Upon approval, equity discussion / onboarding docs
Distribute line of credit to achieve funding
Buy back equity at achieved valuation


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