About LaunchByte

Who we are

Founded by serial entrepreneurs with a combined 500M+ in exits, LaunchByte’s startup experts have the experience to solve even the toughest of business problems at any growth stage.

Tan Kabra

Chief Executive Officer
An entrepreneur thrice over, serves as a Founder, CEO, VP, and Investor to a number of startups.

Vadim Kudriavtcev

Chief Technical Officer
12+ years of programming knowledge having led over 30 projects for the development team.

Jim Zamer

Chief Revenue Officer
Several successful ventures under his belt, resulting in a few exits, with a love of startup life.

Olivia Kantyka

Director of Growth Operations
Develops innovative marketing strategy for emerging to enterprise brands.

Anmol Wassan

Chief Operations Officer
Startup catalyst serving as founder, advisor and investor in numerous tech and non-tech companies.


Chief Mascot
"As Chip always says, Beep beep boop boop bee bop Beep beep boop boop bee bop biiizzzz nizzzz "

What we do

Platform Development

Whether you are developing your first prototype, building a mobile version of your web platform, or penetrating the complicated world of augmented reality, we've got your back. 29 experienced developers are at your disposal to turn your idea into a reality.


All the talent, money, and passion in the world can be wasted if you lack the correct approach. LaunchByte offers strategy sessions with it’s team of veteran entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs see around corners and make the right moves at the right times.


Design is arguably the most important part of any product or service. From sketches on the back of napkins to a full color working model, our designers will help you transform your vision into something tangible.


From company incorporation to fundraising legalities, we ensure our clients work with the best attorneys regarding legal matters. We have you covered, so you can keep innovating.

Financial Services

No startup can raise any money without providing potential investors with a full financial model. Our financial gurus will help you budget and map out cash flows for years to come.


What good is a product or service if the right people don’t know about it? Our clients are guided from day-one on the optimal and most creative user acquisition strategies for their company, all powered by a team of experts that have been working in the industry for the big names for years.

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